Yukon’s South

Yukon’s South

Picturesque Emerald Lake & charming Carcross (incl. Carcross Desert)

The south of the Yukon has a lot to offer: magnificent, blueish green, sediment-coloured lakes like Emerald Lake, unique mountain ranges and the world’s smallest desert. It’s a breath-taking experience, “Larger Than Life.” Furthermore, the region is linked to the history of the First Nations and their multi-faceted culture and impressive craftsmanship.

As we travel to the small settlement of Carcross, we will experience all of these elements first hand. With a little luck and keen eyes, we will spot one or even several wild animals along the roadsides. We will make a stop at Emerald Lake, famous far beyond Yukon for its magical blue-greenish colours. We will feel the fine sand of the Carcross Desert, the world’s smallest desert and hear a fascinating history lesson about Carcross, which is short for Caribou Crossing, teaching us about the First Nations’ settlement’s history during the Klondike Gold Rush.

Carcross has more to it than just its history: Enjoy a break in a cafe or restaurant, browse and shop in the souvenir and art shops, or relax on Bennett Lake’s beautiful sandy beach.

We will pick you up at your hotel at 10:30am and travel to Yukon’s south, first on Alaska Highway, then on the curvy South Klondike Highway. We will supply you with pops and snacks during our trip. Additionally, you can choose to have lunch in one of Carcross’ cafes and restaurants.

We will take you back to your Whitehorse hotel at around 3:30pm, after a thrilling day.

* Some of these attractions are only available seasonally and might not be entirely accessible within specified times.


Kluane National Park
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Our exclusive day trip to Haines Junction and Kluane National Park is a terrific opportunity to explore one of Canada’s most beautiful National Parks first-hand. You will catch a glimpse of the living conditions and the struggle to survive in the old times of the Great North.

Wildlife & Hot Springs
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Join us for a tour to the fantastic Yukon Wildlife Preserve, a large wildlife preserve close to nature. It hosts all the Far North’s animals except for bears, which must not be kept in preserves by law.

Aurora Hunting
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Canada’s High North is famous for its nature, its wildlife, endless lands and above all, the mystical Northern lights. Aurora Borealis provides an astonishing spectacle in these areas, especially during winter.