Midnight Sun Off-Road Adventure

Midnight Sun Off-Road Adventure

A Mountaintop Midnight Sunset

For over a century, poets and writers have been captivated by “The Land of the Midnight Sun,” as immortalized by the esteemed poet Robert Service. As the Summer Solstice approaches in the Northern Hemisphere’s Far North, each day grows longer, with late sunsets and very early sunrises. For a few short weeks in June and July, this gives a rare window of nearly 24 hours of natural daylight in the Yukon. And what better way to enjoy this sight, than from clearest heights of a mountainside view?

Combined with the rush of the wild as we take a side-by-side and rip our way off-road to bring you to the best view available, this tour will take your breath away. The sight of the land bathed in the soft rays of the midnight sun is awe-inspiring and will grant you the perfect opportunity to capture the full majesty of the Yukon landscape. With a view stretching from Fish Lake and Downtown Whitehorse, all the way to Lake Laberge and Marsh Lake, there’s truly no better way to take in the Yukon.

Along with the unforgettable memories of the Midnight Sun, this tour will give you ample opportunity to take beautiful photos and videos to share with friends and family. Additionally, we will also provide you with hot drinks and a midnight snack to keep you comfortable.


Yukon Wildlife Preserve & Takhini Hot Springs
Yukon Wildlife Preserve & Takhini Hot Springs >

DAYTRIP · Sightseeing

Join us for a tour to the fantastic Yukon Wildlife Preserve, a large wildlife preserve close to nature. It hosts all the Far North’s animals except for bears and wolves.

Evening: Takhini Hot Springs
Evening: Takhini Hot Springs >

EVENING TOUR · Sightseeing

Enjoy an evening soak in the Takhini Hot Springs. Relax your body in the natural mineralized hot pools.

Kluane National Park
Kluane National Park >

DAYTRIP · Sightseeing

Our exclusive day trip to Haines Junction and Kluane National Park is a terrific opportunity to explore one of Canada’s most beautiful National Parks first-hand. You will catch a glimpse of the living conditions and the struggle to survive in the old times of the Great North.