Whitehorse Brewery
& Beer Tasting Tour

Whitehorse Brewery <br>& Beer Tasting Tour

Get A True Taste of Whitehorse’s Craft Brewery Scene

At EPIC NORTH Tour Experiences, we take great pride in connecting you with the authentic northern experience. And nothing makes us more proud than our northern craft beer! With our exclusive Whitehorse Brewery & Beer Tasting Tour, we invite you to discover the Whitehorse craft beer community, their stories, and of course, our delicious local beer.

Over the course of our trip to our local craft breweries, you will receive an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour, VIP access, and hear the stories behind each brewery. From Yukon Brewing, the oldest brewery in Whitehorse, to Polarity Brewing, the newest! From Winterlong Brewing just outside town to Woodcutter’s Blanket, a classic cocktail bar housed in a historic 1930s cabin! Depending on availability, we guarantee we will always visit at least three of the four.

So drink up! Relax, unwind, and share a pint with us, in an experience, you won’t get anywhere else in the world. We hope to see you, and your friends, both new and old.



The minimum age for this tour is 19. Please do not forget to bring your ID.


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