Yukon Gold Experience

Yukon Gold Experience

Featuring Emerald Lake & Carcross

Gold! This one word roared across North America in 1896, as hundreds of thousands rushed to the Klondike with dreams of striking it rich. Now over a century later, that passion lives on, as visitors from across the globe continue to trace the footsteps of the world’s greatest Gold Rush. Pan for gold, while learning about the true history of the Klondike Gold Rush.

With lakes, beaches, the World’s Smallest Desert and the small First Nations community of Carcross along the way, the Yukon Gold Experience shows the true breadth the North has to offer.

We begin our journey at 10 am at your hotel. Our first stop will be Emerald Lake, named for its breathtaking, shimmering green waters. Then once we’ve had our fill of these natural spectacles, we’ll fill our appetites and go for snacks.

We’ll take a trip to see the Carcross Desert, the smallest desert on earth, before visiting the Indigenous community of Carcross itself. Explore the local First Nations art and history, relax in their local cafes, or stroll down the sandy shores of Bennett Lake.

It was here that many stories of the Gold Rush began as the prospective prospector started their journey paddling to the Klondike.

Our final stop before we return to Whitehorse brings us to the ultimate goal of every gold-rusher: finding gold. After a quick lesson on gold panning, you’ll be digging up deposits in no time. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to pet huskies, take photos with Gold Rush-style displays, and visit the Wildlife museum, filled with life-sized displays of Yukon wildlife, including a Woolly Mammoth.

We then conclude the day by returning you back to your Whitehorse hotel at about 3:30 pm.

* Some of these attractions are only available seasonally and might not be entirely accessible within specified times.


Yukon Wildlife Preserve & Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs
Yukon Wildlife Preserve & Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs >

DAY TRIP · Sightseeing · Wellness

Join us for a tour of the fantastic Yukon Wildlife Preserve, a large wildlife preserve close to nature followed by relaxing time in the newly opened Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs.

Whitehorse City & Nature Tour
Whitehorse City & Nature Tour >

DAYTRIP · Sightseeing

Whitehorse is the capital of the Yukon Territory. Over 27,000 people live in this small city embedded in beautiful natural surroundings. We will take you around this town’s highlights in our Whitehorse City Tour.

Skagway Explorer
Skagway Explorer >


From enchanting lakes, majestic mountains to the world’s smallest desert, see the highlights of Southern Yukon and Alaska with our day-trip to Skagway.