The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle

Experience the best of Yukon & Alaska

The Golden Circle makes one of the most beautiful round trips on the entire North American continent. Vast landscapes, a wild, rough natural world nearly devoid of humans, diverse wildlife, a flora shaped by the harsh environment – all this awaits you. Welcome to the True North.

Itinerary "The Golden Circle"

Day 1

Arrival in Whitehorse

Welcome to Whitehorse, the capital of Yukon, the true north of Canada. Your travel guide will pick you up from the airport and bring you to your accommodation. They will happily provide you with some interesting facts about buildings and other things at the wayside.

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After checking into your hotel and receiving a refreshment, your travel guide will meet up with you again to review your future experiences.

Overnight stay in Whitehorse.


Day 2


On the first day in Northern Canada, we will explore the city of Whitehorse on a sightseeing tour. Among other sights, we will visit the historic paddle steamer “SS Klondike” and Miles Canyon, a part of the Yukon River.

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After learning some exciting facts about Yukon, we will pay a visit to Yukon Wildlife Preserve, situated a bit outside. The game reserve accommodates all known animal species of the North in a near-natural environment, except for bears. During a hike, we can marvel at the animals, view them in their habitat and take photos. Apart from elks and deer, it is possible we spot bison, thinhorn sheep, mountain goats, polar foxes, caribou and many other species. If desired, you can book a bus tour to explore the wildlife preserve by bus.
To wrap up the day, we will have a relaxing time at Takhini Hot Springs, Whitehorse’s hot springs located quite close to the wildlife preserve. Don’t forget to bring a pair of trunks or swimming suit as well as a towel and something to drink (it is essential to stay hydrated as the hot water can make you very thirsty) with you for this wellness experience.

Overnight stay in Whitehorse.


Day 3

Drive to Skagway

The South Klondike Highway will take us across the border to Alaska for a unique visit to the small, historical gold-digging town Skagway. On our way, we will have the opportunity to marvel at Emerald Lake and its mesmerizing interplay of colours known far beyond the borders of Yukon.

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The mineral sediments cause the water to take on a glowing range of teal and bluish green colours. After having the opportunity to take photographs, we will make some steps into the Carcross Desert, the world’s smallest desert and feel its fine-grained sand beneath our feet. Carcross is a small First Nations settlement drawing you in with its magic just as it has brought in the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, during their visit to Yukon in 2016. After looking around in some shops and appraising their Indian artwork, we can take a small meal or refreshment in one of the restaurants and cafes, before daring to take a few steps along Bennett Lake, where we will hear some thrilling stories about the lake’s history during the Great Klondike gold rush.
After that, we will continue our journey across the legendary White Pass towards Skagway. This will make an unforgettable scenic highlight of our trip. Do not take your eyes off the road as bears and moose are known to show up on the roadsides or nearby woods. After crossing the provincial border, we will spend some time in British Columbia. Once we arrive in Frasier, you may decide to travel the famed White Pass Yukon Route Railway with a historic train instead of driving on the highway to Skagway. Should you take this option, we will meet up in Skagway again.
Once we arrive in Skagway, we will be taught more about the gold-digging town during a sightseeing tour. We will explore Lower Reid Falls, and afterwards, there will be time to stroll around the shining city, have a look at some historic buildings and shop for souvenirs, if desired.

Overnight stay in Skagway.


Day 4

Haines, Alaska

Before noon, we will travel to Haines by ferry. This small, picturesque town is surrounded by tall, mountains covered in ice and snow, making for a gorgeous view. After taking a sightseeing tour through Haines, we will travel to Chilkoot River, a famous salmon river.

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It is known to attract lots of bears, bald eagles and sea lions, who, along with many fishers, have a god at catching salmon during the migration period. With some luck, we might spot a few of these hunters having a tasty meal of salmon. After visiting Chilkat State Park, we check into the hotel. You will have the evening to yourself.

Overnight stay in Haines.


Day 5

Day trip to Juneau

Today, we will pay a visit to the capital city of Alaska. A small passenger ferry will take us to Juneau using the Inside Passage. Juneau is the only US capital not accessible by a road but either by sea or air. Keep your eyes open en route to Juneau and backwards, as there is an excellent chance to spot whales, sea lions and other sea creatures.

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We will spend about two hours exploring Juneau. Afterwards, we will visit the Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau’s local glacier, where we will see how quickly climate change can affect even the far north. As another eventful day closes, we return to Haines and spend the night.

Overnight stay in Haines.


Day 6

Haines – Haines Junction

This day will be devoted to one of the world’s most beautiful panoramic road, Haines Road. One of the highlights of our trip, Haines Road connects Haines Junction and Haines (Alaska). Because of the incredibly magnificent landscape, we will make quite a lot of stops on our route.

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At one point, we will stop and take a few steps to reach Million Dollar Falls, a small, former gold-digging cap which has turned into a lovely, public camping ground. Take some more stunning photos of the thundering water and the waterfalls located here. Upon arrival in Haines Junction, we will make a stop for coffee and snacks before we check into our hotel and take a talk along Dezadeash River, which will reward us with some fantastic views of the Kluane mountain range and Kluane National Park. The park, which is home to the world’s largest non-polar ice field, is part of one of the most famous UNESCO World Heritage sites in combination with three other parks in Canada and Alaska. We recommend you also take the optional sightseeing flight which covers the national park and the ice field. The flight-seeing trip is available in the evening or the following morning if the weather permits.

Overnight stay in Haines Junction.


Day 7

Drive to Whitehorse

Before noon, you can take the optional sightseeing flight over Kluane National Park. Afterwards, we pay a visit to the Visitor Information Centre in Haines Junction, where you can watch a film about the national park, entirely worth seeing, and gather information about the ice field in the park and the culture of the First Nations.

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On our way back to Whitehorse, we will make a stop at Long Ago Peoples Place, where we will be taught about the rough life in the high north, long before European settlers and gold prospectors ever set foot on Yukon.
On our last evening together in Whitehorse, we will enjoy a tasty dinner and reminisce about our fabulous journey to Yukon and Alaska.

Overnight stay in Whitehorse.


Day 8

Departure / End of the tour

On this day, we will bid farewell to Yukon. You will leave Yukon with countless unforgettable memories or will continue your journey at your discretion.


Arctic Exploration
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