How to book

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There are many ways how to book one of the amazing tours in the Yukon and Alaska with EPIC NORTH Tour Experiences:

    1. By phone: Give us a call at +1 867 457 3800
    2. By text: Send us a text message: +1 867 457 3800
    3. By website / online booking: Book online, here on our website. That’s the fastest and most convenient way.
    4. By Whatsapp: Add us https://wa.me/18674573800
    5. By call-back: Use the phone icon on the right bottom corner and schedule a call-back.
    6. By Email: Send us an email to info@epic-north.com
    7. By WeChat: Scan and contact us
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If this is not too much choice already, we also offer to drop by at our office at 2180 2nd Avenue in downtown Whitehorse.

Ask for EPIC NORTH at the front desk.

Please send us the following information with your booking:

  • The name of the tour
  • The departure of the tour
  • First- and last names of all participants
  • Date of birth of all participants
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address


We are looking forward to your booking; either way is fine for us :-).