Aurora Hunting

Aurora Hunting

The fascinating Northern Lights from various perspectives

Enjoy the fascinating, amazing Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights with the best Aurora Hunting tour company in Whitehorse! We are from Whitehorse, we know Whitehorse, and we are Aurora specialists!

We will drive to one or more locations to find the best Aurora & Northern Lights viewing for you. Our tours are unique and a very personal once-in-a-lifetime experience with just 2-10 guests.

If desired, we are happy to give you an introduction to Aurora photography and its beautiful subtleties so that you can make some unforgettable memories of your encounter with the northern lights. (tripod required)

We will pick you up from your hotel at 10 p.m., leaving the city’s light-polluted sky behind us and heading towards the northern lights. To ensure the best chances of gazing at Aurora Borealis, we will not travel to one pre-determined location but instead visit several different vantage points. We will drive you back to your hotel at around 2 a.m.

While the northern lights are always in the night sky, their intensity is dependent on solar activity. Skies free from clouds are necessary to catch a perfect view of the mystical northern lights. We strive to ensure our customers have the best possible experiences, but unfortunately, have no power over the weather. Thus, we cannot always guarantee a successful Aurora Hunting mission. Despite climate change, temperatures in the Canadian North can drop to -30C and colder. Choose adequate clothing (layers) and make sure to protect the uncovered parts of your body, especially your hands and face, when photographing.

Rental gear is optionally available.



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