Grizzlies, Glaciers, Road Adventures

Grizzlies, Glaciers, Road Adventures

An Epic Tour in the Yukon & Alaska

Welcome to “Grizzlies, Glaciers, Road Adventures” – an extraordinary tour program that invites you to embark on an awe-inspiring journey through the untamed wonders of the Yukon Territory and Southeast Alaska. Brace yourself for an unforgettable expedition as we delve into the heart of this pristine wilderness, where grizzlies roam freely, glaciers sculpt the landscape, and the open road beckons with promises of untold adventures.

Prepare to be enchanted by the untamed beauty of this region, where vast stretches of untouched forests, crystal-clear lakes, and rugged mountains create a breathtaking backdrop. Discover the sheer magnitude of towering glaciers and join an optional cruise through awe-inspiring fjords, surrounded by snow-capped peaks and pristine waters, where breaching whales and playful seals grace our presence.

Join us on this remarkable expedition, where every turn reveals a new chapter in nature’s symphony. “Grizzlies, Glaciers, Road Adventures” promises an unforgettable encounter with the wild beauty of the Yukon Territory and Southeast Alaska, leaving you with cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Itinerary "Grizzlies, Glaciers, Road Adventures"

Day 1

Arrival in Whitehorse

Welcome to Whitehorse, the True North of Canada! Meet your travel guide at the airport and transfer to your hotel.

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After check-in and a refreshing break, join your guide again to review the exciting itinerary for the next seven days. Get ready for unforgettable experiences!

Overnight stay in Whitehorse.


Day 2

City Tour, Wildlife Preserve, Haines Junction

During our first day, we will introduce you to Whitehorse and the surrounding area. Amongst many other sights, this introduction will include a visit to the renowned paddle steamer “SS Klondike” and Miles Canyon, a captivating segment of the Yukon River.

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After absorbing fascinating insights about the Yukon, our next stop will be the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, located approximately 25 kilometers outside the city. This sanctuary recreates a natural environment for all indigenous animal species of the North, with the exception of bears. We will have the opportunity to observe these remarkable creatures in their habitats, capturing mesmerizing photographs.

Beyond the enchanting elk and deer, we may also encounter bison, thin-horn sheep, mountain goats, polar foxes, caribou, and various other species.
In the afternoon, we will embark on the westward journey along the Alaska Highway, maintaining vigilant eyes to catch any glimpses of wildlife crossing our path. As we approach Kluane National Park, the majestic mountains will continually astound us with their ever-growing presence.

Kluane National Park, housing seventeen of Canada’s highest peaks and the world’s largest non-polar ice fields, stands as a vital component of one of the most significant UNESCO World Heritage sites. Alongside three other parks in British Columbia and Alaska, Kluane National Park holds the esteemed title of being the largest protected area on Earth.

We strongly encourage you to partake in the optional sightseeing flight, a remarkable opportunity to see the national park and its icy expanses. This breathtaking flight-seeing experience is available either in the evening of this day or the following morning, contingent upon favourable weather conditions.

Overnight stay in Haines Junction.


Day 3

Kluane National Park, Haines (AK)

In the morning, we’ll visit the Haines Junction Visitor Information Center and the attached Da Ku Cultural Center, offering insights into the park’s biodiversity, glaciers, and diverse wildlife. It will also acquaint us with the culture and traditions of the Champagne and Aishihik First Nations people.

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The afternoon will be dedicated to the breathtaking Haines Road, renowned for its scenic beauty. Connecting Haines Junction and Haines, Alaska, this road presents numerous opportunities for captivating stops.

One such stop will be Million Dollar Falls, a charming public camping ground situated in a former gold-digging camp. Capture mesmerizing photos of the cascading waterfall and enjoy the surroundings.

Haines Road is adorned with countless glaciers, leaving you spellbound by their awe-inspiring presence. Upon reaching Haines, we’ll check into our hotel, ready our cameras, charge batteries, and eagerly anticipate our first encounter with grizzlies fishing for salmon.

Overnight stay in Haines.


Day 4

Haines (AK)

Throughout the day, we’ll be stationed at different observation points strategically chosen for their likelihood of spotting bears or bald eagles. It’s crucial to bring along an ample supply of patience, a fully charged battery, a top-notch telephoto lens, and your unwavering desire to capture a remarkable wildlife moment.

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During our expedition, we’ll immerse ourselves in Haines and its environs, eagerly exploring every nook and cranny to encounter and appreciate the breathtaking wonders of nature. We aim to seize as many wildlife encounters and nature’s marvels as possible.

Overnight stay in Haines.


Day 5

Haines (AK), Juneau (optional)

We will allocate another day to observe bears and wildlife. Optionally, we can embark on a day trip to Juneau, the capital of Alaska. To reach Juneau, we will take a small passenger ferry via the Inside Passage, as it is the sole US capital inaccessible by land. While en route to and from Juneau, remain attentive as there is a great chance to catch sight of whales, sea lions, and other sea creatures.

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Our time in Juneau will consist of approximately two hours of exploration. Following that, we will visit Mendenhall Glacier, the local glacier of Juneau, where we will witness the rapid effects of climate change even in the northern regions.

We highly recommend booking this tour as soon as possible if you’re interested in visiting Juneau, as it tends to sell out frequently, and last-minute reservations are not feasible. (Can be booked as an add-on)

Overnight stay in Haines.


Day 6


Today, it is time to say our goodbyes to the mesmerizing sights of Haines, Alaska, including the majestic Grizzlies and soaring bald eagles. As we embark on our journey back, we will once again traverse the breathtaking landscapes along Haines Road and the renowned Alaska Highway, relishing in the beauty of our surroundings.

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Our return to Whitehorse promises yet another enchanting expedition through these remarkable landscapes.

Overnight stay in Whitehorse.


Day 7

Skagway (AK)

Today, we are embarking on a day trip to Skagway, Alaska, where we will explore its scenic beauty and delve into the fascinating history of the Gold Rush era along the Trail of ’98.

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On our journey, we will pass by several highlights, including the majestic White Pass, the charming town of Carcross, the unique Carcross Desert (also known as the world’s smallest desert), the famous turquoise Emerald Lake, and more. We will watch the road, ensuring we don’t miss any wildlife that might cross our path.

Optionally, you can experience the adventure of the White Pass & Yukon Route Railway from Fraser, BC, to Skagway. Upon returning to Whitehorse, we will indulge in a tasty dinner, allowing us to share our adventure and exchange stories while delving into the captivating history of the Gold Rush along the Trail of ’98.

Overnight stay in Whitehorse.


Day 8

Return flight / individual connecting program

Today, you’ll say goodbye to Yukon or choose to continue your journey. You could also opt for another optional tour. However you decide, rest assured that you’ll depart with countless cherished memories and photographs. We guarantee it!


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