The Arctic Express

The Arctic Express

An extraordinary visit of Inuvik, Tuktoyaktuk & the Arctic Ocean

We will fly over the Arctic Circle and capture an impression over the enormous bodies of water of Mackenzie Delta, as well as experience a view on the unknown culture of the Inuit. Experience this great Arctic Adventure with EPIC NORTH Tour Experiences.

Itinerary "The Arctic Express"

Day 1

Arrival in Whitehorse

Welcome to Whitehorse.  Welcome to Yukon’s capital, the true north of Canada. Your travel guide will pick you up from the airport and take you to your accommodation.

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After a short refreshment, you will meet up with your guide again to review your upcoming four days of a unique experience.

Overnight stay in Whitehorse.


Day 2

Flight to Inuvik

We will take a flight from Whitehorse via Dawson City and Old Crow to Inuvik, where we will take possession of our vehicle.

After checking into our hotel, we will set off for a short sightseeing tour in Inuvik, breathing in that particular Arctic air, visiting the Art Gallery and the famous Igloo Church located in the center of Inuvik.

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The “Our Lady of Victory Church” is Inuvik’s most famous landmark. Its structure and shape were designed to withstand the rough, cold climate. You surely will be impressed by this building, a church bearing no resemblance to any other church in the world, as the travel writer Robin Esrock once said.

The church’s interior is decorated with paintings by the Inuit artist Mona Trasher. If weather conditions allow, you will be able to book a flight over the enormous Mackenzie Delta with its vast amounts of water.

Overnight stay in Inuvik.


Day 3

Drive to Tuktoyaktuk, to the Arctic Ocean

This day will mark the start of the absolute highlight of our Arctic expedition. We will take the newly built highway connecting Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk to reach the Arctic ocean.

The Inuvik-Tuk-Highway (ITH) is an impressive work of engineering, made in an effort-consuming endeavour to withstand powerful forces of nature in a race against the clock during the short summer months.

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Built as a replacement for the old ice roads, it is designed to ensure a year-round connection of the people living in northern solitude to civilization.

The highway, built on permafrost and planned for 50 years, will likely remain a constant construction site due to the climatic conditions it is situated in, making every drive an adventure in itself.

Nonetheless, the seemingly endless landscapes in view will make every kilometre a pleasure.

Last but not least, you will make an experience most people around the world will never make: you will touch the icy cold water of the Arctic ocean with your big toe.

After all, is done, we will drive back to Inuvik in the later afternoon where we can let an unforgettable day end. You will have experienced an adventure that will not be forgotten quickly, both in summer and winter.

Overnight stay in Inuvik.


Day 4

Return flight to Whitehorse

After some fascinating days, we will return to Whitehorse, seizing the afternoon for a guided city tour. We will visit the major attractions of the capital of Yukon.

Among these will be the paddle steamer SS Klondike, Miles Canyon and Main Street/Front Street.

Overnight stay in Whitehorse.

Day 5

End of tour / Individual connection program

On this day, we will finally bid farewell to Yukon. You will leave not without many unforgettable impressions or will continue your journey at your discretion.


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